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Credit Derivatives for Accounting Professionals Foundation £415.00 Book Now
M1: Overview of Financial Marketplaces      
M2: Structure of Financial Institutions      
M3: Credit Derivatives Participants      
M4: Purpose of Credit Derivatives      
M5: Classification of Credit Derivatives      
M6: Credit Derivatives Trading Strategies      
M7: Credit Default Swaps (CDS)      
M8: Credit Linked Notes (CLN)      
M9: Total Return Swaps (TRS)      
M10: Credit Derivatives Valuation and Pricing      
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Course Objectives
Accounting professionals are in demand both in good times and bad in every type of financial institution. They are at the heart of financial institution activities and work in several key areas including product control, financial control, treasury, internal audit and regulatory accounting.
This course has been specifically designed to provide those with an accounting background a complete overview of the operations of financial market, their institutions and the main credit derivatives instruments.
The overall objective of this interactive course is to provide you a sophisticated knowledge of the main credit derivatives instruments traded by these institutions from an accountancy point of view. We will take you step-by-step through the trade life cycle of the main interest rate derivatives instrument. In particular, you will gain a broader understanding of hedging, trading and speculating of the main credit derivatives instruments including Credit Default Swaps (CDS), Total Rate Swaps (TRS), and Credit-Linked Notes (CLN) both from a business and an accounting perspective.
Candidates can choose to enrol on any of the available class formats - Daytime Release, Weekend or Evening Series.

Hand-on Practical Workshops
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  • Participants will complete series of real-world exercises in pairs on Bloomberg trading platform in a stimulating learning environment.
  • The course will emphasise the practical aspects through real – life case studies, workshop sessions and simulations.
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Teaching Methods
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Prerequisite Knowledge
No Prerequisite Required.

Course Venue Course Length Course Dates Course Time
23 Europa Studios, North Acton, NW10 6ND 1 Day 23 Aug 2013 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
23 Europa Studios, North Acton, NW10 6ND 1 Day 19 Aug 2013 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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