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Career Events - Get Hired Despite the Recession

Welcome to eFinancialInstruments Events
We are proud of the variety of our events. eFinancialInstruments organise four types of events designed to provide you the leverage that you need to have a successful Banking and Finance career.

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Career Fairs
  • Whether you are thinking of breaking into Banking and Finance, considering a job change, or just want to supercharge your Finance Career, the key to sucess in Banking and Finance is a solid product knowledge.

Event Description
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Demystifying Financial Derivatives

Event Type: Basic - Intermediate
Duration: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Registration Fee: £428.99          Deposit: £150.00
Pre-requisite: none

Programme Overview
The derivatives business is gigantic, highly profitable and the demand for skilled derivatives practitioners has been very high.
Who Should Attend?
This course is essential for anyone who is seeking to understand the language and products of financial derivatives markets in order to improve their confidence in the complex derivatives sector of the financial marketplace.
Course Benefits
Course is designed to expel the confusion that often surrounds the financial derivatives markets. The course will pay particular attention to the concepts, mechanics and intricacies of the main derivative instruments - OTC forwards, exchange-traded futures, options, and swaps. It aims to provide you with an overall picture of the derivative instruments available and to take the mystery out of the associated jargon.
The course will be highly interactive and offers participants the chance to combine theory and practice to understand the most important concepts of the financial derivative markets and instruments.

Using a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, real-life examples and case studies, this course demystified the common terms and concepts of financial derivatives. You will gain a comprehensive introduction to the derivatives marketplace, major participants, as well as working knowledge and practical skills of the main financial derivatives Ė forwards, futures, options and swaps.
Erve Lettermo: - Email: Tel: on 020 7596 2855 or complete our Request Form for more information.
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